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Ever get jarred out of a romance novel because your brain is screaming, "NO F'ING WAY!"

Specifically with depictions of sex:

• No lube for anal penetration
• Removal of nipple clamps without resulting pain
• Excessive ejaculation during a limited time span
• Repetitive orgasm during a limited time span (OK, so this IS fantasy)
• Morning kisses

I am not talking about Paranormal scenarios, either.

What totally ruins the mood for you?


Unless they are aliens, all of the above? LOL Especially though no lube, unless they are self-lubing aliens or they are making a point that no lube is being used (ouchy) then it has me cringing during the scene. #3 and #4 are Sean Michael specialties. Those guys must be SO dehydrated all the time. But I can let it go in fantasy. Morning kisses I just choose to believe everyone has minty fresh breath 24/7.

Sometimes Sean Michael is just right, other times... LOL.

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