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Hajiri's Pet

Midnight Rain #1

by Auburnimp & Michael Barnette

Hajiri is a zonewarrior. A former gunwhore who once sold his body for money, he’s looking for the job that will let him move up in the live and die world of the Shinjuku Containment Area.

A chance meeting outside a popular Shinjuku club leaves Hajiri in the possession of a corporate high roller’s battlepet. A young human/snow leopard cross genetically engineered to be the perfect sexual partner and bodyguard.

The last thing Hajiri needs is a complication in his life. But how can he turn away a person who had been tossed out like so much trash, especially when that man just saved his life?

Hajiri doesn’t want responsibility. What Hajiri gets is a lot more than he bargained for when the young man shows him what it means to be a battlepet’s Master.


• Scifi M/M romance with battlepets and zonewarriors.

• Takes a little bit to get into the world with all the new vocab thrown at you (including shortened versions of words you aren't familiar with yet) but it is worth the small initial struggle.

• Will be a re-read for me and the series is on my radar.

• Thanks to Chris for putting this on my radar eons ago!


I remember hearing about this a while ago. I'll have to pick it up sometimes as it kind of appeals.

My review might not scream it, but it is still on my mind after MONTHS (yes, I have been a very very bad book blogger). ;)

You are welcome! Sadly, no sign of a sequel yet. :(

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