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by Opal Carew

270 Page Trade Paperback, Published 2008

Harmony leads a secret life. On the surface, she's a respectable, straight-laced professional. But once a year, she reunites with her old college friends--the infamous Group of Six--for a decadent sexual free-for-all. Here, there are no limits. Nothing is forbidden as they push every boundary to reach dizzying new heights of pleasure. But this year, Harmony has a serious boyfriend in her life…and he has no idea about her naughty annual retreats. Now Aiden is about to enter an intoxicating world of explosive sensuality and mind-blowing group sex. But can their relationship withstand Harmony's wild side? And when an old friend reveals his true feelings for Harmony, how far is Aiden willing to go to win her heart?

by Olga Crlic
• A bright magenta and black duotone full bleed photograph contrasts nicely with the large solid Gold title, drawing you in and alluding to the erotic nature of the pages underneath.

• Fiance with secrets
• College friends
• Caribbean Resort

• M/F
• M/M (suggested)
• Menage any way you can think of it
• Sex with Strangers


• The scenario drew me in but the story was missing something, deeper development of the characters and the situations.

• The sex is hot and almost continuous.

• It's a happy ever after story but I was seriously rooting for the underdog, didn't like the pat way everything wrapped up.

• A sexy feel good story about accepting yourself and grabbing happiness.

• Oh, and it is NOT cool to tease us with a open m/m couple and not give us any smexing between the two of them!

____________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _


by Opal Carew

243 Page Trade Paperback, Published June 2010

Kara is a sex columnist who thinks desire is purely physical and steers clear of any romantic notions about love. J.M. is a Tantra master who believes sex is a spiritual union that brings lovers together body and soul. They can’t deny their irresistible physical attraction—but Kara knows they can never have a future outside the bedroom. After all, Kara thinks Tantra is silly and the whole elitist idea of sacred sex really bugs her. But after a few heated nights of hands-on practice with her own personal Tantra instructor, she experiences a soul-shattering bliss more intense than anything she’s ever felt. And she starts to wonder if there might be something to Tantra after all…or could it be that J.M. has simply stolen her heart?

by Ervin Serrano
• Suitibly porn-ish in red with an obvious intimate scene taking place but manages not so show any "private" parts but I'm pretty sure there should be one more man on there.

• Present day / contemporary setting
• Sex conference in Indianapolis

• M/F
• Tantra
• Kama Sutra
• Menage: M/F/M & M/M/M/M/M/F
• Role Playing
• Female masturbation


• More of the same (In comparison to SIX - which I read first), sex all over the place with a little bit of plot to drive the scenarios.

• Hot for a beside-the-bed-in-the-toy-drawer kinda thing, but I need more meat than this to hold my attention.

• Oh - and trust! He said he wasn't going to introduce the "stranger" and he did. Not cool. End of playtime.


Neither sound like ones I really want to read. I think I need a little more plot.

Boo about the m/m tease!!

You seem to have a cover theme there, kind of the monotone single color thing going on.

Seems like neither one was really able to grab you there. Hopefully you found something more worthy after they were done.

"Oh, and it is NOT cool to tease us with a open m/m couple and not give us any smexing between the two of them!"

That would soooo annoy me too!

Thanks for the fab reviews! :)

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