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This is not the time for a hypochondriac freak-out.

I focus, instead, on the one silver lining here: I have more than enough of the right kind of fear stoked to zing him into oblivion.

~ page 207 Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Come back on the 21st for my review!


Are you going to be one of those peeps asking me to sneak into CJ's house and steal a copy of book 3 off her computer? ;)

Excellent teaser! And that is one wicked knife she's holding on the cover.

Here's my cinnamon roll teaser!

Chris - Would u do it for me?

Lisa - So sharp and shiny!

Little CJ would get me. Eep!

I'm not sure there is ever a time for a hypochondriac freak-out. :-)

Mine is from Val Kovalin's Call Answer which is open on my computer and ready to read. So this is a totally random scroll down and stop teaser (can't believe I got so lucky) on page 17.

Gabriel grabbed the back of his neck, reeling him in. Their mouths ground together and sweat sprang out all over Henri’s body. He’d just kissed another man. Before he could marvel over
it, Gabriel pulled him around the doorjamb and into the bedroom. Henri staggered, off-balance, and Gabriel pressed him against the wall. His strong fingers undid the snap and zipper on Henri’s jeans.

Oh my.

Tam - That is a scorcher! And a first gay kiss... "oh my" is right!

Cool teaser!

Can't wait to read your review!

Great teaser. I have this one on my wishlist.

LOL Good one!


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