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It's a given that once you get 20 books into a series, they are going to be "more of the same"...

But does it really have to be so blatant in the teaser excerpt released months before the book is available?

Perhaps it will lure in NEW readers, but it certainly didn't whet my appetite. I like the flavor of Anita but I am not drooling over Hit list, yet.

Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Chapter One Excerpt • Publication Date, June 2011

Just read the first chapter in Hit List and already Anita is complaining about the same old things.

I'm sick of looking at dead bodies She's complaining of traumatic stress job fatigue (yeah, I made that phrase up) just like she has been for the last few books. Do something about it already!

And then I get to hear back story all over again.... Jean-Claude is the Master of St. Louis, I have a gaggle of werelovers waiting at home for me, Edward is cold as ice (See video below).

Is it just me, or is it not even as well written as previous intros?

I love the Anita series, but if we could filter out the back story for those of us that are loyal fans and have been following along... well, that would just be a stroke of awesome.

And here's a heartbreaking little secret:

I was holding myself back from reading this teaser excerpt because the book will not be released until June and I hate that anticipation. I'm an instant gratification kinda girl.

My worries were for naught, 'cause its just more of the same.

It will be gory and sexy and probably twisted, but nothing to get my panties in a knot over the next two months. Maybe I'll even wait until paperback! Nah, I'll just grab the hardcover from the library.


I am so not surprised. :)

That Paula Abdul looked good in a sheer catsuit?

I'm still iffy on this one myself. I found out she will be in Dallas to promote the book and I'd have the opportunity for an autographed copy, however I can't decide if it's worth the four hour drive. This might be a series I "break up" with, as Edward is the only character I still give any kind of damn about ;-)

Missy! I would be leaning toward the drive - especially if I could find some enthusiastic friends to make a day trip out of it.

But I am very stubborn and can easily see the potential for break up with this series, aside from the sexual drama, the repetition is extremely annoying.

I so agree with your thoughts here. When you're twenty books into a series, you shouldn't be wasting time describing the background, when we all know what's happened up to this point. I still haven't read the teaser, as I'd rather just wait and read it with the rest of the book, but I am getting a little tired of Anita whining about things she should be perfectly able to change if she wanted to.

The promise of Edward and Olaf is really the only thing that really has me excited about Hit List!:)

Olaf is a huge draw for me!

And you are so right, Anita CAN change those things if she really wanted too (instead of bitching).

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