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Ok, so literature is a bit of an eloquent word for the smut I usually read
(but that is another discussion).

Based on pure personal experience, I beg the question:

"Is reading to obsession dangerous?"

For your reference, the following personal anecdotes:

(Please note, I am still alive therefore suggesting the desired response despite this lovely kangaroo court of a blog post.)

• I habitually walk/jog/run with an audiobook. If the story is engaging enough, I have been known to stumble but not yet fall.

• Afore mentioned audiobook also maintains my short attention span during my drive to work, and at times has caused me to zone out while listening to the story and not paying attention to the monotonous daily commute.

• At times of extreme series obsession, I have been known to read a paperback while driving. These times are limited but noteworthy for the adrenaline rush.

• The audiobook obsession originated with my desire to look "girly" but my extreme boredom with the 45 minutes it takes to blowdry and straighten my naturally curly hair. The solution was a little bit of storytelling in my earbuds in the morning but numerous flat iron burns have been obtained from division of concentration on hair and ears.

• I have just recently discovered that I can read a paperback while on the elliptical machine at the gym. Of course, that means I can't use my hands to hold on and my balance betrays me occasionally BUT the time flies and I am much much much more likely to actually DO my workout.


Pro Book Obsession
Salvation from boredom during mundane tasks & Increased physical activity.

Con Book Obsession
Increased minor wounds and potential for lethal misjudgment of environment.

What's the verdict?

Give up the books as a less dangerous member of society
or let the masses fend for themselves and take my chances?


Let the masses figure it out. They'll soon learn to steer clear of you. :-)

@Tam - Good answer. Consider this your BEWARE.

I agree with Tam. Let the masses fend for themselves. My husband is addicted to the text to speech function on his kindle as he has a very long commute. He's able to read so many more books that way! Keep yer glorious reading habits!

I'm glad we don't share a commute. :)

I'm just glad I ain't crossing the street in front of you.

@Chris & @Valance - I'm sure I would swerve in time to miss you both. ;)

Thanks Miss Sweet, for that reassurance.

(But I'll walk behind Chris, just in case.)

I'm afraid we're equally dangerous like that. But hey, aren't girls known for their ability to do two things at a time? I can drive and listen or walk and read very well. :)

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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