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The religion of ghosts and vampires heats the blood and confuses the heart.

Zen and the Art of Vampires

by Katie MacAlister

352 Page Mass Market Paperback

Dark Ones Book 6: White picket fences can be dangerous to vampires. Sometimes a woman’s gotta choose…

Pia Thomason doesn’t have a typical life, but she wants one. The husband, the kids, the house in the suburbs… With her fortieth birthday looming, she decides to do something drastic, and takes off on a singles’ tour through romantic Europe.

But the few guys on the trip leave much to be desired—unlike the two men Pia sees in a small Icelandic town. Handsome, mysterious, and very dangerous… Just the sight of them puts her in a dither. When their paths cross again, Pia knows one thing for certain: Where vampires are concerned, love isn’t the only thing at stake.
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• Sufficiently light and happy but I'm thinking there should have been some blood somewhere. There are multiple murders and evil plots after all!
• Don't remember her ever wearing the stone as an earring, it is mostly around her wrist.
• Oh, and that blurb–totally misleading.

• Vampires
• Ghosts
• Zoryas

• M/F
• Bed hopping
• Penetration-free sex
• Tumbles in the hay
• Insidious hickeys


• A fun way to travel, though I'm not sure I would ever go on a singles tour!

• I was constantly guess, trying to figure out the mystery.

• Amazing how Pia takes everything in stride, except for occasional bouts of self-pity.

• Unfortunately, I keep getting the Dark Ones confused with the Argeneaus.

• I totally did not miss the HEA. (Though it was nice to have a snippet from the next book as a teaser at the end of the paper back. For a moment I though for sure the happy ending was just waiting at the beginning of the second book. "I thought" being the key words.)

• The end is a refreshing stopping point leading directly into the next book. Making this less an individual book about a couple's love story and more about an event. I assume the next book with be the love story.

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Y'know, I've read the next book and I can't remember. :)

I'm into the next book now and it is the love story... but I've stalled out half way through.

Iceland is considered part of Europe? I know techncially it is but if someone said "Do you want to go on a tour of Europe?" I would NOT assume it stops in Iceland. Weird.

"Penetration-free sex" = rubbing off?

Penetration-free sex = Reciprocated oral

"Penetration-free sex" = rubbing off?
LOL Tam, I honed in on that too! ;)

We just have dirty dirty minds Lily. LOL

*waves* Hi Sweet. I've been trying to get over here all week darn it. Happy late Valentine's day to you darlin'.

And thanks for the review. :) Hope you're having a good week.

OMG...OMG...I want this one! Dang girl where did you find him?


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