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A Christmas Giveaway

from Sweet Vernal Zephyr Reviews

The holidays are a time to warm up with nostalgic memories.
And now I am sharing mine with you!
Enter for a chance to win Christmas romances I grew up on, literally.

A Nanny for Christmas by Sara Craven
The demure Miss Grant was perfect in her new role - too bad she'd only agreed to stay until New Year's...

Married by Christmas by Carole Mortimer
She remembered allowing herself to be taken away from the party by devastatingly handsome banker Patrick Devlin...but how had she come to wake up the next morning in his bed?

Come Fly With Me by Sherryl Woods
He was everywhere she turned: the candy counter, the cafeteria...even next to her on the airplane!

A Christmas Affair by Joan Overfield
Far from being grateful to him for offering to marry her docile sister in order to help the family out of its financial straits, she seemed to think he was a positive ogre.

Christmas Angel by Jo Beverley
His search for an intelligent woman without fanciful notions of romance was a frustrating one indeed...until he met the very sensible Judith Rossiter.

Anthology: Roberts, Macomber, Seger, Sinclain
Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts - Jason had found that home was where the heart is, and Faith held his.
Let It Snow by Debbie Macomber - With a smile Slade was able to make her heart soar--and she hoped the trip would never end.
Starbright by Maura Seger - Her ex-husband was waiting for her with open arms and a loving heart.
Under the Mistletoe by Tracy Sinclair - Swept up in the spirit of the season, Christy soon found that she'd given away the greatest gift of all--her heart.

Anthology: Blake, Bicos, Howell, Michaels
A Vision of Sugar Plums by Jennifer Blake - Meghan Castle is a real Scrooge about the holidays...until she finds an abandoned baby in her store on Christmas Eve.
Naughty or Nice by Olga Bicos - She's trapped overnight in an elevator with a handsome department store Santa.
The Yuletide Gift by Hannah Howell - Fleeing an arranged marriage, Jessa rushes out into a raging Highland snowstorm.
Merry, Merry by Fern Michaels - The focus soon shifts from property to passion as, this Christmas, the king of beasts lies down with the lamb.

Anthology: Baxter, Stanford, Farrarella, Stephens
Joni's Magic by Mary Lynn Baxter - A man and his dog and all visitors turned away, except a little girl and her mother.
Hearts of Hope by Sondra Stanford - One look at Mary got Rob thinking of the miracle of Christmas.
The Night Santa Claus Returned by Marie Ferrarella - Here was the kind of Santa who could make Christmas wishes come true.
Basket of Love by Jeanne Stephens - It was past time for the lovely Nina to open herself up to the spirit of holiday happiness.

Alternate Christmas ebook/gift certificate for international contestants.

• Ends December 12th to allow for shipping before Christmas.
• All winners chosen with Random.org
• Extra points for following and spreading the word.



Not entering, but you know I'll mention this on Friday. :)

You are on twitter?! So going to look you up there.

Not entering, but putting it up on my side bar for you my Sweet!!! Hugs & Kisses to you!!!

Great contest Sweet! I'll be putting this baby on my blog! Hope you are having a wonderful week. :)

Chris - Awesome, thanks!

Sullivan - Yupper, SVZ stripped... just the review links.

Cecile - Thanks, darlkink!

Amara - You're the best!

I'll enter. You know, being greedy and all. ;P

Very cool contest! I'm not entering though as I have too many books on my shelves as it is! :)

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