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Paranormal Romance Anthology.

Blazing Bedtime Stories IV
Bestselling authors Kimberly Raye and Samantha Hunter invite you to experience a little magic, a little mystery…and a lot of really hot sex!

Cupid's Bite by Kimberly Raye
When dark falls in Skull Creek, Texas, Lucy Rivers has the most incredible lover in her bed! Between the blindfolds and his bold lips, she's finding an ecstasy she only dreamed about. Her nighttime Cupid pierces her with his every erotic want…and then some! Too bad he's only there until the sun comes up….

I Wish He Might… by Samantha Hunter
Nina Larson has a personal genie…seductive, sexy Alec! Her every wish is his command…and does she ever have some X-rated wishes! Each desire he fulfills propels her into another, even hotter one. But Nina holds the key to Alec's freedom. Problem is, she's not sure she can surrender the most fantastic sex of her life!
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• Hot but Generic

• Vampire Soldier
• Genie

• M/F
• Blindfolded booty calls
• Fantasy Sex
• Unconsensual Bondage


Cupid's Bite by Kimberly Raye
• Old flame snuffed by old misunderstanding
• Cupid is a dog I would have even less patience with than she does
• Crazy hot sex, but what is vampire wiles and what is just plain lust?

• Classic happy ending, but I'm cool with it.

I Wish He Might by Samantha Hunter
• A woman struggling to make peace with herself and just what love is

• Fairy tales do come true with a lovely happy ever after.
• I kinda wanted to see what would happen if Joe got loose.
• Intense with hot sex and a mystery.

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I received this book through a contest over at Fiction Vixen. Thanks again!

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