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Plays Well With Others
Daly Way Series Book 2
by Brynn Paulin

Paisley Szuzman came to the Laurel Ridge Ranch in Daly, Wyoming to interview for an administrative position, but she’s shocked, and secretly aroused, to find that the job might entail more than she envisioned. Anyone filling this spot must meet the criteria of plays well with others, and the “others” are the joint owners of the ranch— four hunky cowboys who are pure, rugged temptation. Bohemian to the core, Paisley takes the challenge and finds more in store for her than she ever imagined.

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  • I like the distressed look to the images, brings them together and finalizes the cover.

  • Good use of typography, though perhaps 3 fonts is pushing it.

  • The plaque is a clean way to distinguish the series title from the story title.

  • Lots of hunkiness, but why can I see some guys' faces and not others?

  • M/M

  • M/M/F/M/M

  • M/F/M

  • At 69 *snicker* total pages, this short and sweet cowboy menage is an 8 second thrill ride.

  • Emotions build fast, but Ms. Paulin allows her heroine self awareness of that irregular pace.

  • Leads nicely into the series. I can see the next couple books clearly from the ending of this one.

  • A simple lust story that doesn't get too complicated with a love polygon.

  • The sex scenes have the potential to become confusing, but Ms. Paulin guides us admirably.

  • My favorite scene is when Paisley requests to be blindfolded... you really get into her head.

  • Slightest hint of cheeze in some of the dialogue, but not enough to turn up your nose at.

  • A bit of drama and suspense culminates in a sweet HEA.

  • Not too deep, not too sweet, not too nasty. Just right for a breezy read.

Read about an astonishing surprise kiss in this excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Argh... that's not even a menage anymore! Too much people doing certain stuff at the same time for me!

When you say m/m/f/m/m are the m's that close together or is more like and f with an m on each side and above and below. LOL In other words, is there buttsecks?

I read a Willa Okati which I think had m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m I was actually able to keep track of all the parts and it made sense. LOL

*boggles at the number of letters and slashes*
*boggles further at Tam's comment*

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