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A totally random aside because I am so energized an have to share with people who would understand. Book people. YOU!

I haven't seen very many author's in person. (read: zero)

What could be so interesting about the person?
I just want to be in their head, a part of their imaginary world.
I don't care about their cats or kids or life.
Do I?

I just saw Chip Kidd (Author of The Learners. Click for my review.)

And he was AWESOME!

Now you know me.
I don't rave about books.
I give you my perception of the events between the pages and how they relate to me.
Maybe they will relate to you in the same way, probably not.

Well, Chip Kidd relates to me more than I realized.

  • He's a graphic designer with crisp striking designs.
  • (Known for his book cover designs. Think Jurassic Park.)

  • He's a slow writer (4 to 6 years per book) with a focus on the intricate details.
  • (He writes in finished format. As in, rewords whole paragraphs to get the page break he wants.)

  • He's got a great sense of style and speaks with a refreshing eloquence.
  • (He used "viper" where I surely would have said "bitch".)

I just listened to a very short 45 minute question and answer session with him at SUNY Oswego. Oh how I longed for time to stop so I could continue listen to his witty responses laced with pauses, lilts and "umms" until he ran out of saliva or patience.

Looks like I am going to go to a lot more author interviews. Maybe he is just a freak accident and no other author will engage me in such a way, but right now I am overstimulated and looking for a creative outlet. Anything to flex my design muscles and try to keep him in my sights, at least on the horizon, and maybe in the far distant future I might even catch up.

Thanks, Chip!


That's very cool!!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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