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Collaring Kat: Even Doms can have their lives flipped upside down by love!

Collaring Kat
Incognito 5
by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

With a male slave at her beck and call and a successful fetish club as her domain, Mistress Katriona has everything she’s worked so hard for. Money, prestige, and independence. She’s the foundation and image of what Incognito is all about, and the one with the most to lose when a world-renown author and uncompromising Master shows up in her doorway.

One taste of Kat’s lips is enough to make Master Dalton want to uncover the secrets of Incognito’s head dominatrix. He’s determined to unleash all her desires and will settle for nothing less than total subjugation of her heart.
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  • Black is back
  • Where is Kat's latex?
  • Oh, that is a BDSM symbol. As a vanilla, I had no idea.
  • A little choppy on the typographical layout.

  • M/F
  • D/s

  • Kat has created her dream business, but must lie to herself to keep it running. At least that is what she thinks, until Dalton sees through her facade.

  • Carl, as her business partner and close friend, really shines as a secondary supporting character.

  • My heart was tearing up right there with Kat when she was trying to make a very difficult life changing decision at the end.

  • The club fascinates me. I want the dynamic in this series to be true! I've already read the entire series, and love the power struggles and self exploration in the stories. Each one focuses on a slightly different aspect of the BDSM lifestyle.

  • The ending is sweet, but I am very sure that I could not have done what she did. I just don't work that way, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the story!

  • Now I am going to move on, out of order, to the one about a submissive Dominatrix!

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Sweet daydreams...


I like D/s m/m, but it really doesn't work for me in m/f...

If you would like to read some m/m romance in the same series, try Soren's Surrender.

I might give this one a try. Thanks for the review

Oh wow... okay, a lot to stimulate the mind here... Going to think on this one and what you had to say.. take heed my mind says...

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