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Obsidian Butterfly
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 9
by Laurell K. Hamilton

There are a lot of monsters in Anita Blake's life. And some of them are human. One such individual is the man she calls Edward, a bounty hunter who specializes in the preternatural. He calls her to help him hunt down the greatest evil she has ever encountered. Something that kills and maims and vanishes into the night. Something Anita will have to face alone...

"MY NAME IS ANITA BLAKE. I'D LIKE YOU TO MEET EDWARD... '' Edward was a hit man. He specialized in monsters. Vampires, shape-shifters, anything and everything. There were people like me who did it legal, but Edward didn't sweat the legalities or, hell, the ethics. He was an equal opportunity killer. I may be one of the few friends that Edward has, but it's like being friends with a tame leopard. It may curl on the foot of your bed and let you pet its head, but it can still eat your throat out...
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  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Necromancers
  • Witches
  • Dragon

  • M/F
  • M/M, blood play
  • Rape, suggested
  • Child abuse

  • Set in New Mexico

  • Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere! And only two of them couldn't pass as human.

  • Want nightmares? Let your imagination color these literary drawings. "Body parts scattered like flower petals, stirred into a red mess." I'm holding back to avoid spoilers.

  • Anita has two more men to add to her list of suitors.

  • Where the heck is the posse? Very little interaction with Jean-Claude, Richard, and any of the characters back home. This does not feel right. As part of the triumvirate, there should be at least a bit of response when death knocks on her door—like it always does. *Note: Chapter 49, page 419 we finally hear from back home–for about a minute.

  • Gets pretty freakin' hectic when Anita gets out of the hospital the first time. Those vampire marks are certainly kicking in. Edward says it best, "Such a hard ass."

  • In Blue Moon, Damian reveals Jean-Claude's secondary power, but Anita is in denial. In Obsidian Butterfly Anita is forced to admit, out loud and to herself, that the base of his power is sex. Foreshadowing the beginning of the end of this series for many readers. Most likely, the next book, Narcissus in Chains, will be orgy-istic.

  • A couple background points and descriptions are repeated over again. A bit distracting but probably not noticeable on the first read through.

  • Anita always has the big bad after her. She took a brake from the boys because they were using her as a power play, but Itzpapalotl does the same thing. At least Anita learns a new power!

  • A non stop horrific thrill ride that gives you insight into the mental working of Edward and Anita along with a glance at how monstrous humans can be. Not a lot of loving going on in this tome (totaling near 500 pages). No one (sane) would dare call this romance.

I received this book by rummaging through my sister's closet.
It has now been sublimated into my collection. *evil laugh*

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Sweet nightmares...


What is this one, #100? LOL

I haven't read AB in over three years. Sounds interesting though.

This was the last vaguely readable book, although I'm disappointed that she humanized Edward by giving him a family. Hmph.

Good point, Chris. Edward doesn't make sense in this book. I'm not comfortable with the change. Though that is almost a direct quote! LOL

"Being with Donna has made you more personal, more warm and fuzzy. I'm not comfortable with the new Edward." [Anita said.] "Neither am I," he [replied].

I agree with you on the UK covers, they are much prettier.

*sigh* If only I had the money to blow on the entire set brand new shipped over from the UK *sigh*

The entire set? That must be a huge shipping. ;)

But it would be so worth it, all pretty and shiny on my bookshelf! *psst, don't tell my husband*

He, he. Oh yeah, this one can't be called a romance. Although in the beginning (before the fore-shadowed end for many readers you mentioned) I really didn't think of this series being romance at all. There was so little of it and to my mind, mostly in the background of all the horrific crimes, so it kind of got lost. Until all the sex started happening. :)

Just making my daily rounds... Yeah, I am a little late.. but better late than never my love! And you know I have yet to read this series. But I am always intrigued by your reviews for her books!!
I hope you and handsome have a great weekend!!! Hugs to you honey!

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