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Undead HardWood A.K.A. Vampire LumberJacks

I’m on Team Vampire. Find out more.

Ponder this, my darlkinks*...

If a tree falls in the pitch black of night with only the undead to hear, does it make a sound?

Can vampire super strength negate the incumbent hazards of death by rouge tree limb? Don't laugh. I live in upstate NY. You'd be surprised how many people I know have been maimed or killed by irate flora. Okay, you can laugh a little.

Would your town survive the invasion of drunken moonshine high werewolves or beefy woodcarving vampires?

My vote: The Vampires.
This vote is absolutely influenced by my aversion to body hair and
addiction to the immediate endorphin rush caused by teeth on skin.

Your Vote: ?????
It is quite possible that your vote could count... towards your winning a Kindle or something of equal value.
I just like to make stuff up. See the Disclaimer Text below for more information.

*Darlkink: A term of endearment combined with the kink noun creating a sweet sexual deviant.

Disclaimer Text:
This post is a part of Moira Rogers’ Creature Feature Kindle Throwdown Contest. By leaving a (meaningful) comment, you will be entered to win a Kindle from Amazon.com, or an alternate grand prize of $275 to spend at an online book retailer. For a full list of rules and more ways to win, visit the contest page.

Alternate Disclaimer Text ala SVZ: O.M.G. This is my first contest, kinda. I'm not the one giving anything away. It's all Bree and Donna! Does that mean that they took my contest virginity OR only got to third base? Answer in the comments and maybe I'll go all the way—with you! *snicker*


A vampire lumberjacks. First off, for the record, my husband is a woodworker, so my vote has to go to the lumberjack vampires. Tough, rugged, sexy, immortal, sounds perfect.

Way to go Carol! I love a man that works with his hands... and I can see that you do too! *high five*

Wow.. Can we see a picture of Carol's hubs!! Just picking.. no seriously, lol...

Okay... this is my time of dipping in the pool. I tend to stay out of battles.. cuz they are all sexy and hot in their own personal ways... But damn when you put it like that... and coupled (ha) with visions of Carol's hubs.... I will go with the Vampires!!!!!!!

Whoot! Another Cheerleader for the Bloodsucking HardBodies! *shakeyourpompoms* *shakeyourpompoms*

Hehe, hello fellow Team Vampire Lumberjack member. How can anyone not like Adam? I can't wait to get my hands on his book. As soon as I heard 'vampire lumberjack' I thought, oh I have to read this.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

I'm all for endorphin rush!!

Way to go Team Vampire Lumberjack!!

Stephanie and Cherry... thanks for joining the crowd. Refreshments on on the table next to the band.

Team Werewolf Bootlegger!!!!!!
High metabolism means they wouldn't be able to get drunk. A vampire with an axe is an AXE MURDERER!!!HELLO!

The answers to all your questions are Go Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

Ahh, the whole drunken werewolf thing doesn't work. Never mind their high metabolism, they wouldn't be a bootlegger if they drank all of there stock. It's not Werewolf Drunkard is it? Nooo, its werewolf bootlegger. ;P

Werewolf Bootleggers for the win!


Breia, Reena & Jen, It's refreshing to have dissenting opinions! We'll see who wins, fur or fangs!?

Vamp gal here. Team Vampire Lumberjack!!! Yeah!!!

TEAM WEREWOLF BOOTLEGGER for the WIN!!! I don't know how many different ways to say it, but I am a wolf-girl to the end!

I'm a werewolf girl. Free booze, a sexy alpha male, a nice warm body to cuddle with, his undying loyalty. What more can a girl ask for?

Go Team Werewolf!

yah go team Vampire lumberjack!!!

With Jojo, Simple Love, Tori, Charlotte & Athenna weighing in we are officially at A TIE!

Sorry but I'm Team Werefolf Supporter! Vampires are charismatic and hot, but I simply can't resist a werewolf's devotion and passion. They had me at "wolves mate for life". ;-)

I've got to go with Team Bootleggers - warm bodies and free booze - what's not to love? :)

My vote goes for the same! Team Vampire Lumberjack!

I come from a long line of lumberjacks. I'll take the family biz and some pesky soul issues over the uncontrolled furry and controlled substances.
That and I read the Laurell K. Hamilton and the vamps are be far the better monster.
Go Team Vampire Lumberjack!

Woohoo a fellow vamp lover!

I love vamps and have always had an affinity for them with their mystique and sexy fangs. Go Team Vampire Lumberjack!

Team Vampire Lumberjacks for sure.
Nothing wrong with a guy who wields an ax and wear plaid flannel

Other than being heavily influenced by my friend and a song (Jackyl's Lumberjack) I have to give you high five!

I gotta go with Team Were on this. The guy who can bring me free booze, and go out in sunlight? That's the guy for me!

My ancestors are from Transylvania, so I definitely side with Team Vampire.

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

My vote is for Team Vampire Lumberjack. I love them vampires.
Sue B

For the sake of sides, I have to go Team Vampire Lumberjack. Nothing says sexy like a man jacking some lumber. (Ohhh the images.)
I can't wait to add both to my collection!

Love my paranormal romances, but it's the shifters that I reach for most often, so go team werewolf.

Team Werewolf Bootlegger. Gotta be able to see a guy in the daylight

I'm On Team Vampire Lumberjack! Go Team!!


A new team, a civil war, a revolution!!!
Team Werevamp Wolfjack
YES!!! I agree I want both too, yeah, the start of a new revolution, I'd love to be in the middle between these two sexy men, a new team. I'm with you, team Werevamp wolfjack, how does that sound?
I had just started to post the following on some of the blogs starting with Blackravens.
I can be a trouble maker, I want both, shame on me huh,blame it on some really good posts numbering the wolf advantage of being able to be out at all times of the day and the fact that he's warm and really alive and can share a real meal of food. Although the wolfie can take care of me 24/7 and the vamp can only manage about half, maybe they won't mind sharing, I wouldn't mind it. After all why can't I have my cake and eat it too.
Hope everyone doesn't want to stake me out but I really want both.
Viva le revolution, for those that to switch to both, come join us, make your voice heard. This is a war after all!!

Team Werewolf for me! Howling seems kind of sexy! Booze and full moons! what's not to love?

love that darklink description and your undead hardwood name is a cool one ;-D -team swiss

Nope, weres can't get drunk, but they would provide the free drinks for you. Plus, you get to play with them during the day. :)

Team Werewolf all the way baby. Bring on them sexy shifters.

Dancing lumberjacks?


I disagree, a warm blooded werewolf is sexier than a cold, dead vampire. As for the hair, make him shave, it isn't that difficult.

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

Team Werewolf! For me, vampires are too cold. I need emotion in my men and I can get that with a passionate werewolf.

If having to choose, will be going with team vampire lumberjack as well!

Pam S

Yes yes yes! Vampires all the way! :-D

Go Team Vampire Lumberjack! What can I say I'm a sucker for the fangs. (Pun intended)

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