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Date with Destiny
Book 2 in the Pleasure Cruise Series
by Michelle M. Pillow & Mandy M. Roth

Academically minded, uptight Anna only agreed to go on Date with Destiny, a campy TV game show, because she wanted to win an SUV. She never dreamed that accidentally selecting the wrong prize would land her on a cruise ship full of supernaturals. At least she's bringing someone along for the ride — her best friend Winter, a kooky free spirit with a penchant for mischief.

Andre and Christian, were-panthers and twin brothers, are polar opposites as far as personalities go. One views life as a party, the other is entirely too serious. But once they meet their intended mates, this night-and-day duo can finally agree on one thing — Anna and Winter will be theirs and theirs alone before they get back to shore.
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  • Generic

  • Shifters

  • M/F
  • Anal
  • Biting

  • A Novella, Quick and fun.

  • Classic opposites attract.

  • Best friends board a life altering cruise destined by the gods, unbeknownst to them.

  • Anna is the naughty librarian type and I can relate to her implied social phobia.

  • Winter is the free spirit there to prod her friend into pushing her boundaries.

  • Andre and Christian appear to be male replicas of Anna and Winter, both approaching their dates in a different way.

  • The bedroom scenes were fun exercises in control and confusion ultimately ending in hot smexin'.

  • These characters are a tease at development and hint at Ms. Roth & Ms. Pillow's talent in their full length features.

  • Leaves you wanting more, but in a good way. Since I've finished this story, I have found myself thinking about the characters and what will happen next. My brain doesn't want the story to be over.

I won this ebook at The Raven Happy Hour during their 10 Things We Love About You Contest.
Thanks again, Mandy & Michelle!

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Nice review, thanks. Has that breezes side bar always been there? I like it :) I totally covet your site, beautiful :)

Thanks for playing along in the 10 things contest! :)

Ohh great little review! Love a book that leaves you thinking about it and wanting more... kinds sounds like................. hee heeee! Have a great night!

Great review! I was just checking out the first book in this series. The concept had me smiling, I like the idea of a bunch of supernaturals on a mating cruise lol. Think I might grab myself a copy!

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