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Blue Moon
An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel
by Laurell K. Hamilton

"Richard was an alpha werewolf. It was his only serious flaw. We'd broken up after I'd seen him eat somebody.”

Still, you never forget your ex-fiancé. And when Richard calls Anita Blake at three in the morning, she knows it won't be good news. It seems Richard had gotten himself thrown in jail on a rape charge. But Anita knows that though he is a monster, Richard's no rapist. And it's up to her to prove his innocence—before the blue moon creates even bigger problems for Richard...”

"Vampire hunter and preternatural expert Anita Blake, must help her ex-fiancé out of a false rape charge. Time is of the essence, however, as Anita's ex-flame is a werewolf and if he's not out of jail before the full moon rises he's in for some big problems."
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  • Inline with the rest of the series published at this time. Monotone image, nude body, generic paranormal allusions

  • Werewolves
  • Wereleopards
  • Vampires
  • Witch
  • Sorcerer
  • Necromancers
  • Demon

  • M/F

  • The focus is on the shifters: Both Anita's relationships with Richard and the Pard are strengthened.

  • Anita gives in to Richard

  • Jean Claude's secondary powers are revealed, not by JC or by Richard, but by Damian

  • Damian gives in to Anita and we get a taste of his allure
    "Damian was a green-eyed redhead, but that didn't really cover it. His hair fell like a red curtain around his upper body, the hair so red it looked like spilled blood against the green silk of his shirt. The shirt was a paler green than his eyes. They were like liquid fire, if fire could burn green. It wasn't vampire powers that made his eyes gleam. It was natural color, as if his mother had fooled around with a cat." pg 93

  • Asher takes advantage of Anita and suffers the consequences but is still pathetic with his self pity

  • Marianne comes into the picture and she will be staying for a while. You might grow to like her.

  • I feel kinda jipped that we didn't get to witness Jean Claude's reaction to Anita & Damian and Anita & Richard with the typical succinct epilogue. BUT this is a running comment on all the epilogues.

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Read the first 2 chapters HERE.

This is part of the Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge!

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Very nice review... you know you are tempting me more and more with this damn 20 book series, lol!

Great review! I can feel myself being sucked in. I have the first in the series on hold at the library.

This was the book that was the beginning of the end - ie, the start of the psychotic break within the series. :)

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I wanted to add a link to my review but can't seem to make it into a hyperlink. Oh well, I'll learn eventually. :)
I like your thoughts on the book and wish there were more. Can't wait to see what you write about the following.

Hey! What a nice succinct review! I didn't realize there were SO many monster types in it!

This was one of my faves of the series. Whew! It had tons of danger and hotness. Of course, this was one of the first UFs I ever read (in order, of course) and LKH always blew my mind. In a good way. Until, you know, book 11 or whatever.

Ines reviewed Blue Moon too, here...

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