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Too Keen
by A. K. M. Miles

The instant attraction between Keen and Lance leads to some of the most bizarre and amazing occurrences, not to mention deep love and fabulous sex.

Chaos Magnets. That's the nickname Keen and Lance earned through several unexpected acts of bravery among madness and mayhem. They were drawn to each other upon first meeting. Good thing Lance would be staying next door to Keen while visiting his step-sister. It's a wonder they have any time for the relationship to develop, since every time they go out it seems something happens and they end up talking to the police and explaining things.

Lance's martial arts background and Keen's brains and brawn save the day more than once.
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by Lyn Taylor
  • The trophy suggests the story is all about competition, it is not
  • Nice layering of the figures and placement of the typography
  • Poor color and light adjustment

  • M/M
  • M/F

  • Too Sweet—for me. But may be, not for you. HEA wrapped in fluffy clouds with occasional lightning strikes of conflict. No big storms. No hurricanes. No ice. Just a few passing showers.

  • Everything was always ok. Even when bad things were happening, the characters had a clear idea of how to solve the problem and come out happy in the end. Never was I afraid for the couples.

  • By page 24 a crazy amount of plot emergencies had occurred and been resolved. Too fast.

  • 10 pages from the end, there is finally some threatening conflict to the core relationship. It is resolved much to quickly and HEA ensues.

  • It is almost like the author is was so much in love with the main characters that they were protected throughout. They always thought exactly the right thing at exactly the right time and knew the perfect resolutions to the conflicts even as they developed.

  • The sex scenes are hot and fun and the story is sweet and happy.

  • I enjoyed the diverse mix of characters and circumstances.

  • Emotions developed extremely fast both with Keen & Lance, and Phoebe.

  • This is a dual love story, but I was hoping for more detail with the M/F couple. The focus is on the M/M pair.

I won this book at the Ethan Day Yahoo Group.

Read an excerpt HERE.

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Nice review. I was already pretty sure that I wasn't interested in reading this, but now I'm completely sure it would drive me batsh*t. :)

This author is known for perfect characters who fall in love at first sigh and everything works out quite simply for them. I read one and enjoyed the theme of orphaned foster kids, bought others and found the insta-love and too perfectness is not for me. You'd definitely go nuts Chris. :-)

Nice review.

Nice review, I've read a few of the author's books and overall liked them. But, very sweet and very little conflict. Like Tam said, perfect characters and insta-love. I haven't read any in quite a while.

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