Sweet Vernal Zephyr

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by Chris Tanglen and Michele R. Bardsley
Audiobook run time: 1hr 28min

A night of passionate, kinky sex with a total stranger…in a completely safe environment. That's the allure of 1-800-SEX4YOU. With all the comforts of a five-star hotel, guaranteed anonymity and toys galore, it is the ultimate in carnal matchmaking.

Dumped by her cheating fiancé and ignored by her handsome boss, Arissa Montague doubts her ability to attract a man ever again, much less keep one. When ice-cream-and-chick-flick therapy fails to lift her spirits, she throws caution and her inhibitions out the window and makes the call.

Derek Mortenson has lusted after hands-off Arissa ever since the day he hired her, but he knows she's a commitment-only kind of girl. 1-800-SEX4YOU isn't quite as confidential as the brochures say, and when he sees that Arissa has applied for an evening of fun, he can't resist using his behind-the-scenes influence to pick his own bedmate.

Arissa and Derek's accounts of that fateful evening don't necessarily match, but you'll get both sides of the story in this wildly sexy romantic comedy!
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  • Cookie Cutter layout used by the publishing house

  • M/F
  • No Strings Attached, Anonymous

  • The man's voice is downright delicious WHEN he is in character. His tone and inflection during narration is not comparable, actually makes me think of Casey Kasem.

  • The woman's voice is not sex phone operator quality, and that is what I want. I do not want to hear a whiney US accent. And unfortunately, she does seem to whine a lot.

  • Intonation is questionable in some places, the rhythm not matching the words in my head - but I have a feeling that is true for everyone. Our own habits of inflection are familiar to us, and repeated mentally when we read... it just put me off balance a bit when the orators didn't match my pattern.

  • After listening to 3 audio shorts with this male narrator, he is starting to grow on me. I am beginning to learn HIS pattern in inflection.

  • I enjoy stories where wild fantasies come true. This is the boss and coworker version of that.

  • I also enjoy stories involving some sort of fetish play. This certainly doesn't qualify as hard core play, but perhaps soft. Half hoods and silk scarves are used as well as vibrating toys. Ultimately it is the initial anonymity that had me hooked.

  • The voice switches from the man to the woman throughout. Each scene overlapping and each character correcting the other. Kind of like marriage counseling, where you are the counselor listening to both sides of the story. It made me laugh with the first switch (as was the author's intention) and after that I was willing to deal with the slight jarring of consciousness to pursue the rest of the story.

Indulge in this naughty audible caress on your ipod while jogging. It is sure to keep your heart rate up!

Read an excerpt HERE.

Listen to an audio sample HERE.

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Sweet fantasies...


I will have to put this on my list. I like the concept of the story and the layout... Also you do a hellva job on reviewing. So of course you make me want it!
Hope all is well honey!
Sorry I am late!

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