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Under the Law (audiobook)
by J.P. Bowie

It's swinging London in 1973.

Britain's just going 'decimal'; Carnaby Street is the centre of fashion – all of Europe goes there to shop. Soho has yet to become the gay hub it now is. There are no computers to speak of, no Internet dating, no mobile phones, nor even answering machines or VCRs – certainly no CD's or DVDs. Yet, somehow Britain survived, and the Brits even managed to enjoy themselves, despite all that deprivation!

Peter Buchanan is a struggling young singer/actor waiting for his big break in the West End of London. John Reed has been a London bobby all his working life, and has recently been promoted to Inspector. When these two men meet by chance, there is an instant attraction – but not before some bumps in the road to love have been straightened out...
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Generic; where are the police, singing, or historic references?


  • A sweet and predictable romance.

  • This short story would be a great READ...

  • BUT I could not get past the narrator.

  • Perhaps it was the british accent (I will refrain from further explanation for fear of alienating anyone with my odd inferences derived from the pronunciation of his words)

  • But more than the accent, was the distinct LACK of inflection. Some was attempted, but certainly not enough to bring the story to life. I would almost question if this was the first reading and he was totally unfamiliar with the story.

  • The vocabulary threw me for a loop. Totally erotic scenes described with words like "bottom" & "anus".

  • I enjoyed the historic setting and actually wished I was more knowledgeable (ie. paid attention in history class) so I could be engaged further in the world building.

Listen to an excerpt HERE.

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This was from a collection, and they used the same generic cover when the books were released individually - that would be our old friend Candy Cane Guy in the background! :)

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