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Wicked Wednesday at Sweet's Contest Bar

Matthias is our sexy bartender today.
He is thinking very wicked thoughts... touch him and see!
More hot pics at Young Male Model.

YOU SEXY THING by Hot Chocolate

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

LOVE IS WILD Giveaway!
3/23 Drop Dead Line - Email your answers to enter from Beverly Rae's site

Pure Chance & Insatiable by Julie Leto
2/6 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Plot Monkeys

2/28 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at The Eclectic Reader

**TODAY** Comment to enter at The Blackraven's Erotic Cafe

**TODAY** Comment to enter at Smutketeers

2/9 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at That's QUEEN Bitch To You

2/14 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Shiloh Walker's site


Good Luck!


I love his eyes, what a hottie!

Lily - I am so with you on those eyes... they just whisper naughty things!

I know what Matthias is serving.. me on that table! Oh did I just say that out loud, lol!!!! ***not blushing, lol***
Oh he was my birthday boy at my place... he is definitely yummy!!!!!
Thanks a million Sweet!

Oh my Cecile, didn't mean to step on any toes... but the really hot ones do seem to enjoy making the rounds huh?

Girl, please... you know any man of mine - is a man of yours, lol!!! You know I share... well some... hee hee!!!

Ah sharing... now ladies, don't you think you should consult the man to be shared? *lecherous grin* We could work out a nice little arrangement with me and my freinds....

Hummm. I knew I loved this man for a reason (besides the fact that he is covered in chocolate and loves to be licked... out loud voice again, damn).... I am game for anything.. **Evil gleam in eye and wicked smile on face**
Don't forget who is the smutty hussy here, lmbo!

*His eyes twinkle with mischief* Well we can clear off this table & I already have the chocolate... *Looking over his shoulder he grins* And here comes Draven....

Oh wow..... Sweet, honey... where are you... ***Cecile looks over her shoulder to see Sweet taking Draven's hand and promising him we will play nice***

*Whispers to Cecile* Sometimes the ones with the tats are the sweetest, so big and strong but a tiny bit shy... *giggles and pulls Draven over to the table*

Are you pulling him over to the table.. or on top of the table?!?!?! Hee hee...

Does he need help licking that chocolate off? I volunteer**bumps Cecile out of the way** :D It must have dripped elsewhere too :D I think I'll have to check!!!

*Sweet and Cecile smile in welcome to Elaing8*

"Elaing8 - I think you have to come closer and check me for stray chocolate..." Matthias suggests in a husky whisper

oh this is so much better than work... Oh dear Matthias... come here and let me clean you up **bumps elaing** Hey Elaing... he has friends, lmbo!

*Elaing8 whips around to find Michael approaching with a smile and a can of spray whip*

I don't have a playmate... wanna play with me darlin'?

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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