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Table for Three
by Missy Martine

Forty-three year old Cass Abernathy is getting a second chance at life, and maybe even love. She's finally divorced, after years of abuse, when she learns that an unknown uncle in Oregon has left her his estate, and more importantly, his house. Filled with hope for her future, and excited to have a place of her own, Cass heads west not knowing what she'll find.

What she finds are hot and sexy twin brothers intent on making her a part of their lives. It's too bad they're so much younger because they bring out feelings she's never had before.

Meanwhile, there's someone else interested in Cass' inheritance, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he wins.

Will Cass overcome her fears and open her heart to the two men who love her, and will she discover the truth about her inheritance before it's too late?
My review guidelines can be found HERE.

  • Full bodied woman and twins accurate to the story line
  • Run-of-the-mill composition and fonts

  • None

  • M/F/M
  • M/F
  • Domestic Abuse

  • The alteration of view points was disconcerting at first but I got into the rhythm after a while.

  • The men are overly emotional. They express their feelings over and over again in such a pathetic desperate way.

  • The characters say everything they feel. No discovery... awkward.

  • Dialogue feels stilted, as if parts should be mental character narrative.

  • Cass jumps into bed too fast for all her doubts.

  • Pet names are used too soon to feel natural.

  • Sex scenes flow the smoothest, as long as no dialogue is involved.

  • Repetition of revelations causes the entire story to stutter.

  • Overly polite dialogue with an awkward dominant commands here and out of place cuss words there.

  • Plot hole: Held my breath waiting for the ex who never showed up. What?

  • Cringe: Soapy fingers inserted vaginally

  • Cringe: Open mouth french kiss first thing in the morning

  • Cringe: Hot tub sex

  • I would have liked to see the twin aspect played up a little more. More nonverbal communication and attenuation to each other's thoughts.

  • 3/4 of the way through I commenced skimming.

  • Even with all the above criticism, I loved the ending and how it tied into a central aspect of the story.

  • This was simply a passing zephyr for me.

  • I hope this author continues to hone her skills and present us with more sweet atypical love stories in the future.

I received this book through random contest at The Blackraven's Erotic Cafe.

Read an excerpt selected by the author HERE.

Sweet daydreams...


I'm not sure what to say, except that I'm sorry you didn't like my book :) To be fair, it was my first book so I was bound to get better :) Table for Three had mixed reviews, some loved it to the tune of 5 Stars and others hated it to the tune of 2 Stars. I'm smart enough to realize that reviewers are like everyone else, you can't please all of them. I hope this experience didn't put you off trying out my next book, Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage. In my opinion, it's three times better than Table for Three. I had a much better grasp of relationships and dialog when I wrote it. If you're interested in reviewing it, just drop me an email and I'll send you a reviewer's copy. And thank you for your criticisms and suggestions in how to improve my writing.

Missy Martine

Thank you for stopping by Missy! I enjoy debate and appreciate your grace.

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