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The Object of My Obsession
by Cara North

To the public they are All-American actors; one in film, the other on a popular cable television series. To Sonja Love, sex columnist extraordinaire, they are her lovers. Together they do things in private that no one can ever know about. Ever.

A triangle forms, toys are tested, boundaries broken and three people find freedom at last. However, things are not always as good as they seem.

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None... but there are celebrities & Italy.

M/F, M/M, M/M/F, Outdoors sex, Toys

I cried. I tried not to, and it happened anyway. Not a lot. Just a swelling of liquid in my eyes while drinking my morning coffee and sneaking in a few chapters before work. But it still counts. It still hurts. It was worth it.

I did not read the book blurb before starting this book and was pleasantly surprised with the development of the plot throughout. It all led into itself very fluidly with minimal foreshadowing. (I really dislike it when I can predict the next three plot twists in a storyline.)

The story starts out like a bubble gum book, quick and sweet. A crazy lighthearted chance meeting that turns into a sexual encounter. The chapters are named vs. numbered and contribute to the easygoing tone.

But as you make your way into this world, you are gradually sucked in. Sucked in until it becomes real. I am sure I will be thinking about this story for a long time, reflecting on the emotional discoveries & bittersweet relationships. Praise to Cara for her succinct writing style (I love short chapters) and cultivation of reader empathy.

I received this book through from All Romance during their 12 days of Christmas free reads.

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