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Calling Dr. Love
by G. A. Hauser

Pride and ego make a very unlikely combination for finding true love. Unless you discover another who is your mirror image.

Twenty-five year old Phil Andrews left his family in Eastern Washington to escape the small town attitudes of his siblings and the locals to be free to be himself in the liberal area of West Hollywood. But without an education or work experience to fall back on, Phil uses his good looks and physique to make ends meet, working as a go-go boy at night, and a gay porn star on the weekends.

Intelligent, out of the closet, Dr. Christopher Love was thirty-three years old and a success in everything but his relationships. He knew his life was lacking something, a partner to share it with. Trying to find the kind of man he found attractive sexually and one who was also was willing to bend to his demands was an impossible task. Until he met Phil Andrews.

Two men, two opposite worlds. One educated at the finest schools, an asset to the community, a philanthropist and a surgeon, the other, a high-school drop-out, former drug addict with a criminal record, meet during a stormy night while the lights are blacked out. The physical attraction bonds them instantly, but soon their differences bring to the surface that deadly pride.
My review guidelines can be found HERE.

  • Appears generic until AFTER I have read the story.
  • Typeface choices do not compliment each other.
  • Good use of a sheer color bar as a graphic element to differentiate author and title.
  • Nice movement in the model pose. Body tone, oil, and motion all are significant.

  • None

  • Exotic dancing
  • Porn
  • Masturbation
  • M/M
  • Bondage
  • Solicitation

  • The opening scene drags you in by the hair. I felt like the writing was rough (as if the author had already developed the characters mentally but was not able to show that development to the reader) but the suspense of the situation just wouldn't let me leave it.

  • The struggle is very emotional. Fighting with preconceived notions and even though the characters know their prejudices are wrong, they still fight to remove them. An extreme contrast in social status and struggle. But both characters struggling.

  • Good and evil blend; in actions and thoughts, and within each character. Feels like a true struggle in a real life that I could possibly relate to... even though I am not male and not homosexual. (Is that even possible?)

  • The HEA felt a bit rushed at the end. But it doesn't exactly tie itself into a pretty bow either. You could say the end is open... and allows for further exploration of this couple in the future.

I purchased this ebook through All Romance Ebooks.

Read an excerpt HERE.

Sweet daydreams...


I have this one on my ereader... someday. :)

Sounds good! I've downloaded this book for free from All Romance Ebooks during the 12 days of christmas spree, but I haven't read it yet! Your review make me want to read is soon though :)

Chris's "someday" came (see comment #1). Her delightfully succinct review is HERE.

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