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I'm excited that this will be my new ereader...

We will see just how many of my hard earned dollars they want for it. *$499+
Naw, I will probably wait a year or so 'cause I am just that much of a tightwad ;)

*Darn I was hoping this was going to be a mini laptop but it is looking like an overgrown ipod/itouch*


Heh, I'll be waiting for something else because I'm not an apple fangirl. :) Plus we're at a time of lots of change in the ebook reader area.

Oh, and maybe it's me, but I think "iPad" sounds like a feminine hygiene product. "iSlate" would've been a lot better.

LOL - OMG! Your finesse with words is remarkable. I will not be able to purchase an ipad now, maybe not ever

$499 and a monthly service agreement guarantee that I WILL NOT be purchasing this any time soon... and $14.99 for an ebook through the Shelfari-esque IBook... no way!

OH wow... $499... I will stick with my Sony ereader.... wow... I am not sure what is different than a laptop. Hummmm... But Chris's word had me dying!!!!

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