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Remnants of Power: A Skindancer Novel by Lawrence V. Stryker.

The cover art is here! A hot new dark urban fantasy series. I don't have a book jacket blurb yet, but judging from the cover *don't strike me down* I would suppose the following possible critical points ;)

* Some sort of storm of power in the background
* Erotic: Lighting goes from his hand to his...
* A male lead character - maybe a dancer?
* Is that a tattoo on his chest? I want to see more!
* Erotic, violent & romantic themes?
* Magic?

So is it vampires? Or shifters (skindancer)? Or something else altogether magical? Demons come to mind too...

Perhaps a woman finds/ buys/ mysteriously receives a charm/ necklace/ ring/ item of jewelry. While out for a much needed night on the town/ reprieve from the deadbeat boyfriend/ night off of work one of the male exotic dancers/ bartenders/ patrons/ librarians has undue interest in her previous mentioned jewlery. It appears to call to them/ mark her as their queen/ bind them to her/ mark her as the enemy....

And on and on and on and on.

I already partially composed the exotic dancer and charm necklace scene in my head. Please don't mind the stream-of-consciousness lilt.

I couldn't seem to move my gaze away from his eyes. They were the strangest shade of green blue, almost like they couldn't make up their mind. Neither could I. Bedroom eyes. Oh yeah... and with the way he's moving on that pole I can think of a whole lotta things I would do in a bedroom with him, while staring into those eyes. "What the!" Is he staring at me too? There is no possible way. This is his job. I'm nothing special to him. Just a possible candidate for a soft grope and another twenty bucks in his ass crack. But I would get to touch that tight... "Whoa!" He's staring at my chest! No, my necklace. My new necklace. This is the first night I've ever worn it. At least in public, unprotected, outside of my shirt.


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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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