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Sure, I'm around. But I find myself infinitety distracted by... other things. ;)

I'm not looking for forgiveness, but just sayin' "Hi" to my smutty sisters whilst I'm in the literary neighborhood.

So does reading about reading count? 'Cause this particular article seemed to strike a cord with me. I even read it in full (after skimming the first paragraph).

Like all bibliophiles, I possess a pile of books, which should be shelved under Dusty Reproach – the mighty canonical works I've gradually given up hope of conquering and these do cause me considerable disquiet.


*waves* I can understand being distracted by other things. I myself am addicted to Mass Effect 3 at the moment and get little reading done.

*waves* Heya Sweet.

lol you sound like me. I've been so distracted of late. I've not been reading much, or blogging much. I've actually turned into a jewelry maker who is chasing after every shiny rock I can find. :D

I saw you come up on my reader, just thought I'd drop by to say howdy. :D

Well how do you like that? After sitting here for two months I don't even get a howdy, never mind a drink. Welcome back anyway Miss Sweet. I'm glad you're back.

Sullivan - HI! I've got Fable 3 waiting for me...

Amara - Darlink! Shiny pretty things. You on etsy?!

Valance - Hey there Cowboy! And Howdy too - take the whole darn bottle o' moonshine.

Moonshine? After what you told me about that stuff?

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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