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“Oh. Hell. No.” He folded his arms over his chest while that adorable, lopsided grin from earlier reformed on his lips. “I’m not going to the hotel yet. I’m not moving an inch until you say it.”

She blinked at him. “Say what?”

“Say what?” His mouth gaped open like a suffocating fish. “I want you to say you’re sorry for pulling my hair. I want you to say you’re sorry for almost snapping my spine in two.”

He scuffed one of his big black boots against the sidewalk. “There’s ice down there, ya know. I almost fell, and I don’t have health insurance yet.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I want an apology.”

She moved to stand in front of him again. “I’m sorry that I bit you. I’m sorry that I pulled your hair. And I’m sorry if I hurt you, because that’s not what I wanted.”

She tipped her head back and stared into his eyes. “And I’m sorry that the longer you’re around me, the more I’ll have to say I’m sorry…because I will hurt you again. I’m sorry Brick and 8-Ball had to leave. I’m sorry you got stuck with me. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be in this city for more than an hour without fucking everything up again. You have no idea just how sorry I am. But I promise I’ll do everything I can to get Christian to let you go. Now, can we go to the hotel?”

~ Eternal Hearts by Jennifer Turner

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Awesome teaser!

Here's our Teaser

by Era Penera @ We Fancy Books

Sounds really great!

Here's mine:

I have to say her little speech really worked for me there. The whole thing really caught my attention. Rare for an m/f. :-)

I'll give mine from Chicago by Shae Connor which I just reviewed today over at BER.

P. 24
Darren smiled into Nathan‟s kiss, darting away and laughing as Nathan followed on instinct. Nathan grinned and grabbed Darren‟s head in both hands, holding him in place while he took his time tasting every part of Darren‟s mouth.

Darren was panting by the time Nathan broke away again, but he didn‟t go far, sliding firm hands down Darren‟s back and running a line of little kisses along Darren‟s jaw. “You know,” Darren said, trying to catch his breath as he trailed his fingers down Nathan‟s chest, “for someone who says he‟s never done this before, you sure are a damn good kisser.”

The one I'm reading is really stilted - I just can't bring myself to type anything from it.

Sounds really good!


Brick and 8-Ball?? What terrific names! I loved the excerpt.
Here's my teaser: Sandy's Teaser

Tam! Verra nice! (perhaps I can lure you over for a dalliance on the dark side of m/f romance ;)

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