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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme
Hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading

• Open your current read to a random page
• Share two “teaser” sentences sans spoilers


There was a single tattoo on one arm -- a series of badge numbers which Frank had declined to explain.

Besides that and the scar, the beautiful body was unmarked.

~ pg. 54 Push by Sean Michael

Are you feeling teased?

Come back on the 10th for my Review!


Ah, Frank didn't give away much did he? I liked that one.

I'm reading The Nobleman and the Spy by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon. An historical no less. :-) Enjoying it so far.

P. 23

“I told you, I misjudged your proclivities. I am annoyed with myself and with you too. Are you satisfied now that you‟ve trapped me?”

Satisfied? He‟d only be satisfied if he could give in to the temptation he pressed against, if he could strip off Binder‟s clothes and see for himself if that fine golden hair covered the strong body under his.

Ahh, such lovely words like "proclivities" combined with a curiosity to follow the treasure trail. SCORE!

Push is on my tbr. I look forward to your review.

My teaser is from Breaking Logan's Laws by Cameron Dane:

"Nate opened his mouth but then snapped it shut quickly. He tried to hide again, but Logan kept hold of Nate's chin and wouldn't let him. A battle lived in that gaze less than three feet away, but Logan would not let up his grip. He would not relent. He couldn't." p. 114

I haven't finished it yet, but so far it's really good.

Wow. Interesting...

Janna - That teaser suggests a ton of sexy struggling - I love power plays!

Hi Julia!!!

Very interesting!


Very intriguing teaser. You always know just how to pick them.

Great teaser. Thanks for stopping by.

Mysterious!! :)

Wow, that sounds interesting. Great teaser!

Oh wow!!! I love the sounds of this book just from the teaser! Really makes me wonder what happened to him to get these markings. Great teaser!

Thank you!

Nice teaser ;)

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