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My history with Apple...

• Grew up on a hand me down educational Apple for learning games.
• College opened my eyes to the production Mac for graphic design.
• Currently, we have 2 Macbooks in our home.
Hubby's is linked to the flat screen and I have one for my lap.
• iPod Touch came free with the newest laptop.
• iPod Shuffle was given to my by a coworker.
• I am regretting my decision to go Droid on my smart phone but have resisted the iPhone so far...

And now there is the iPad. New. Cool. Sexy. Sleek.

But why do I NEED one? Other than lust. And I do give into lust quite a bit, but humor me here.

Let's compare... iTouch... iPad... Macbook Air 11'

iTouch Base Model

• Smallest: 2.3" x 4.4"
• Lightest: 3.5 oz
• Cheapest: $229

+ Wifi
+ Bluetooth
+ 40hr Battery

• Touchscreen
• 8GB storage
• N/A processor

• File Transfer: iTunes sync
• Software via iTunes apps
• Single-task

- No DVR
- No USB
- Camera, FaceTime

Operating Requirements:
• Computer to sync
• Itunes & Internet Access


+ Small enough to hold in
your hand for hours.

+ Small enough to fit in
your pocket.

+ For consumption in
bite size chunks.

+ Accessory to the
home computer.

iPad Wifi Base Model

• Smaller: 9.5" x 7.5"
• Lighter: 1.5 lbs
• Cheaper: $499

+ Wifi
+ Bluetooth
+ 10hr Battery

• Touchscreen
• 16GB storage
• 1GHz processor
*Created by Apple

• File transfer: iTunes sync
• Software via iTunes apps
• Single-task

- No DVR
- No USB
- No Camera

Operating Requirements:
• Computer to sync
• Itunes & Internet


- Can't view Flash

+ Size is a travel

+ Accessory to a
home computer.

• Lower storage space means
not a primary library for
large collections of
music, photos, or ebooks.

• Also means large software
can not be installed,
ie. Adobe Creative Suite.

+ Primary usage
web surfing.

+ For consuming data.

+ Luxurious for reading pdfs.

MacBook Air 11'

• Bigger: 12" x 8.5"
• Heavier: 2.3 lbs
• More Expensive: $999

+ Wifi
+ Bluetooth
+ 5hr Battery

• Keyboard with trackpad
• 64GB storage
• 1.4Ghz processor

• File transfer: USB
• Software via OS
• Multitasking

- No DVR
+ 2 USB ports
+ Camera, FaceTime

Operating Requirements:
• Internet optional
• Itunes optional


+ A home computer.

• Large software packages
can be utilized,
ie. Adobe Creative Suite.

• Large library storage:
ebooks, photos, and music.

+ Primary usage typing
and media editing.

+ For creating data.

The End of the iPad:

This overgrown Touch doesn't fit into any dark undiscovered niche in my digital world. Instead it is a pretty dress or an extra car. An indulgence, frivolous and shiny. Got $500+ to blow? Then go for the high, darlkink! But just know, a shinier better iPad will be coming soon. iPad2 is already in the rumor mills.

The weak justification:

My husband will potentially be working out of town for at least a year. Therefore, we will be internet dating Monday night through Wednesday night. His laptop is old and slow (and serves as our TV since we don't a digital signal where I live). Mine is mine and I'm not giving it up. So that leaves me lonely or buying him an iPad. *wink*

My preference is the iPad. What about you?!

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I'm so anti-Apple I'm bowing out of the discussion. :)

Ohhhh I know where you are with the internet dating thing... You know where to find me if you get lonely... Does that sound dirty?!?!

I've got an older Ipod and an Iphone but for me the Ipad is just too big. It wouldn't be as easy to carry around in my purse or read everywhere I go. I'll stick to my Sony although I'm hoping to get the new model soon.

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