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The Friday 56 is a weekly bookish meme
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• Share the 5th sentence on the 56th page.


Tate, You're the man.

I just hope Nick didn't forget anything.

Nope, he nailed it.

I thought only a wooden stake through the heart killed a vampire.

A wooden stack through the heart will kill just about anything. And if it doesn't... run like hell.

~ The Dark-Hunters: Volume 1 Manga by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Claudia Campos (artist)

Did it pique your interest?

Come back on Monday the 6th for my Review!


Oh, I'll be interested in your review of this!

My favorite of the day!

Thanks for participating!

Hey, cool. I didn't know there was a Dark Hunters manga. Learn something new every day... there's my thing. :)

I'm not reading a book again, just drivin' by for a howdy :)

Freda! Thanks.

Amara - Visit anytime!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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