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Costume's of Halloweens Past

Let us start way back when,
I was a young girl and my mother encouraged my flights of fantasy...

Complete with homemade staff, vintage dress,
and lots of bling including a bat wing ring.

Working on my sexy scary look here.
And yes, that shirt IS sheer, the knife IS real and, those pants ARE pleather.
My mom was cool.

Senior year (note the class ring)
I was too old to trick or treat,
but I certainly could hover over my younger siblings in some semblance of a bodyguard.

Time to move on to college. When I didn't realize how hot I was!

LUCIUS: Half human, Half lizard.
(Starring in the dorm basement haunted house)
Yes, this costume stemmed from my amazing long tongue.

Now I'm all grown up and have to go to work every day. But, luckily, my job is fun! And we can dress up on Halloween if we want.

The first year I dressed up for work.
I kept it tame.

Still tame, with photoshop effects added for drama.

Amazingly easy AND convincing.
You DON'T want to meet me when I haven't had coffee.

For my personal Halloween parties, I get a little more into the costumes. It's always a big bash with lots of food and fun. ;)

No, I didn't see the movie or read the book.
But my brother sent me the outfit from Japan!
And yes, I torture my pets with costumes every year too.

I was feeling nostalgic to my childhood.
That's my sister dressed as Betty Paige. Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

  A COP (Last year)
Has my sexy scary look gotten any better from when I was a kid?

What my cop costume looked like in my head. *wink*

I missed a few, but you get the idea.
What are YOU going to be for Halloween?!


I love them all! I need to pull out some old photos too. No Halloween costume for me this year - boo hoo.

Carol - I love looking at old pictures... almost got sucked in this morning but had to go to work!

You can always be Halloween-ish in spirit! :D

Those are great! Love 'em. You go with your Halloween self. :))

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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