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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter of St. Louis

Many cringe at the sound of her name.

Is it fear that strikes dread in their hearts? No. I suspect moral outrage or just plain weariness.

For those of you unfamiliar...
  • The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series begins as a paranormal mystery: Guilty Pleasures has very little romantic tendencies and focuses on world building and personality.
  • As the series progresses the violence increases to horrific levels and tends to stay there.
  • Midway the arduer is introduced and the smexing rises astronomically.
I love me some smexin'.

I love me some horror.

I love me some complicated political paranormal drama!

But Anita is getting on my nerves. She just can't make up her mind.

One day she is secure in her paranormal power base and harem of lovers, the next she is trying to be a good little christian girl.

The yo-yo mental acrobatics drive me batty! One step forward and two steps back just about sums it up.

So what rubs YOU wrong (or right) about this popular series?


I haven't read any of this series, and to be honest probably won't. There are just too many negative comments out there about the newer books and I don't want to start the series knowing that it's going to veer off in another direction.

Bad publicity is hard to work against.

Hello Miss Sweet. Can't say as it means much to me, but it surprises me to see you give this thing the thumbs down so emphatically. Was there nothing about it that twanged you in the right places?

I got bored by all the smexin' and the minimal plot, especially when I grew to hate Anita - she became a complete Mary Sue character.

I tried to read the first one when I discovered PNR and UF a couple of years ago and I found it boring. Sacrilege I know. LOL Everyone was talking about the smexin' and there wasn't any. Or I quite before I got to it. So can't say how annoying she's gotten but I hear plenty. Most people seem to be so annoyed and yet it must keep selling.

I read maybe 4 of the books in the middle of the series. Liked the first couple I read but was bored with Anita and her harem soon after.

Valance - I enjoy the series (this is my 3rd time reading it) I just get a little sick of Anita's whining.

Chris - Bored of Smexin?!

Tam - You get more smexing' the deeper into the series you go.

Lily - I think there is a bit of Hamilton's writing formula leaking out there.

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