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Titillating Tuesday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar

To catch up with the US Memorial Day Holiday, Titillating Tuesday will host 3 posts:
The Contest Bar, A New Review, and Tuesday Teaser.

And Andy will be overseeing it all as our sexy bartender today.

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Body Rush by Anne Rainey
6/2 Drop Dead Line - Email to enter at Three Wicked Writers

Moonshine by Alaya Johnson
6/11 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick

The Last Christian by David Gregory
7/7 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Tina's Book Reviews

Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy
6/11 Drop Dead Line - Comment+ to enter at Dark Faery Tales

*NEW* In the Arms of Oblivion by Justus Roux
6/30 Drop Dead Line - Email to enter from Justus Roux's Erotic Tales

Complete form to enter at Parajunkee's View

6/31 Drop Dead Line - Complete form to enter at The Den

TODAY - Comment to enter at Reviews by Jessewave

6/31 Drop Dead Line - Email your answers from TEB Newsletter

Comment to enter at Anna's Book Blog


Good Luck!

Comment link is usually at the top of the post.


We had a lovely weekend in Upstate NY... sunshine and bonfires! Didn't get much reading done though.

What great eyes he has. Glad you had a fun long weekend.

Tam... "What great eyes he has".... The better to see you with my dear, lmbo! I could not resist!
Those eyes are very captivating.
Reminds me of someone close to me.........

He can oversee all he wants!!

Hope you had a great weekend honey!

Hello ladies. Can I get you anything?

*winks those baby blues*

Glad you had a nice weekend. And I agree, he's got gorgeous eyes.

I think I need to see some ID to make sure he's old enough to serve alcohol...

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