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1 Banana • I like 'um, and they are supposed to help stave off muscle cramps.

2 Banana • Have you ever spilt a banana lengthwise in the skin, sprinkled in chocolate chips and marshmallows, wrapped it up in aluminum foil and roasted it over a fire? Yup, I have and it is superb.

3 Banana • I could go sexual here. I know you expect me to. But I will just leave it up to your gutter minds to fill in the blanks. Miranda (verb) bananas and (verb) about (noun) all day long. (Adjectives and adverbs dispersed throughout)

FORE! • Nope, I don't golf. But my husband thinks we should take up the sport. Except currently our local NY State Park golf course (Regularly considered to host the pro games. Seriously!) is being threatened by The Governor for closure! I hate politics.

5 Banana • Since this is a book blog, should I mention stuff about books? Like, I have over 100 legally obtained ebooks that I have not spent a red cent on?

6 Banana • My husband fears the FBI will come knocking at our door any day now due to the multiple little brown packages that arrive at my residence with alarming frequency.

7 Banana • Above mentioned packages are books. *shakes her head* Albeit, smutty books and some yaoi BUT still books. *sheesh*

MORE! • Today my hair is blond with a nice gradient blend to pink on the front bang section.


I have to try the bananas over the first. Sounds delicious!

over the fire. Wish I could type today.

Humm.. I have a lot of adjectives I could use there!!!!!!!! Thats all Im sayin

Carol - You can get really creative with that particular treat! Let me know how it turns out!

Are they Gutenberg Project ebooks? Or more fun'n'current ebooks?

My ebooks are all won fair and square through my fellow bloggers! :D

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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