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Wicked Wednesday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar

Jonathan is our sexy bartender today and he looks ready to party!
Photographed by Patrick Mark, for a Man of Austin Cover Story, spotlighted at Hunk de Jour.

Join me in the comments and order a drink from the bar.

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Christie Gordon Backlist Title
5/10 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Ms. Gordon's New Website

5/16 Drop Dead Line - Complete form to enter at LoveVampires

5/11 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Stumbling Over Chaos

5/6 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Smexy Books

Comment to enter at Fangtastic Books

TODAY - Comment to enter at Romance Reviews Today


Good Luck!

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Morning All, I just finished Lover Mine... but not sure I can review it without spoiling it!

Morning my dear Sweet.... Oh... I love our bartender today.. But ready to party or ready to **cough** party... I think I will take the latter...

**Cecile takes his free hand and pulls him off the seat and leads him to a room better suited for his attire (or lack of one in a minute)**

I am actually reading.... Moonlight Menage by Stephanie Julian and all I can say is OMG!!! This series freaking rocks!

Cecile, Oh! Shifter and menage... sounds hot to me!

*Watches as she closes the door behind them and shouts* Don't take too long... we might have more visitors to the bar!

And all I know how to make is Mimosas and Irish Coffees!

No spoilers!!! Please? *looks over at LM in stack of books from library*

Chris - Actually LM has me pretty much panting for the next book in the series... so if you can wait, I'd advise it!

I'm just starting All or Nothing by James Buchanan. I love Nicky and Brandon and I'm looking forward to getting into their latest story.

Chris pointed me to Cheating Chance, and I enjoyed that story. Looks like this one will be a follow up read... probably hot too!

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