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Wicked Proposal
by Tierney O'Malley

Madeline cannot believe she begged a man to make love with her, then agreed to his proposal to save her pride and get even with her ex. And worse, even with her newly broken heart, she falls in love with him. Just as Madeline begins to believe Wolf has feelings for her, her ex shows up and reveals the truth behind Wolf’s intention.

All Wolf wants is to convince Madeline that her ex-fiancé is a fool for letting her go and that she is indeed beautiful. But when he feels her body move against his, he realizes he wants more than to help soothe her hurt pride. Now that her fiancé is out of the picture, Wolf’s not going to let anybody in Madeline’s her life other than him.

Will Wolf do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves, even if it means lying and hiding his true intentions? If so, will Madeline entrust Wolf with her already shattered heart despite his deception?
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  • Simple but suggestive

  • M/F

  • Classic Batman and Robin feel, ie. "Holy James Dean!"

  • Mental dialogue is a slightly repetitive

  • Love the main idea: Normal Girl falls for long time Hot Crush

  • Starts out as a whinefest. What man would actually listen through all that self-pity and low self-esteem? Makes me cringe 'cause I've had those days and the funk seriously sucks!

  • I was not convinced to suspend my disbelief... perhaps I am simply too jaded.

  • On that note: I was not able to finish the story. It was so sweet that it hurt my teeth. I've been reading too many Dark Urban Fantasies. I will come back to this story when the sunshine of summer has warmed my skin and my mood.

I won this ebook through a contest at Book Junkie's. Thanks again!

Read a sentence from page 56 HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Aw honey... I am sorry that you could not finish this book ~ at this time. But I do love an honest review.

**there is always something to warm up a person... Some hot Irish Bailey Coffee and it will brighten your mood, lol**

Where is Sam....

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