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So I happen to love/hate the Georgina Kincaid Series.
The emotional angst gets to me every time. And what the heck am I supposed to do with Seth?
Apparently I am supposed to subconsciously obsess over his fictional childhood reading habits.
Otherwise, why would I be so excited to pick this up for $.50 at my local church book sale?

The Blue Fairy Book
edited by Andrew Lang

In case you don't remember the obscure reference, may I quote:

"[Georgina] crouched down beside him.

'What are you looking at' ...

'Andrew Lang's fairy books.' He held a paperback entitled The Blue Fairy Book.

On top of the stack near him sat another called The Orange Fairy Book, and I could only assume the rest followed color-coded suit.

Seth glowed with literary rapture, forgetting his reticence around me.

'The 1960s reprints. Not as valuable as, say, editions from the 1800s, but these are the ones my dad had, the ones he used to read to us from.
pg. 44, Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead


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Oh, wow, how cool is that?!

Oh, I loved Andrew Lang's books!

Argh, the whole Seth/Georgina thing... I'm not sure I can bear to read any more.

Chris - I think there is only one more to go! *nailbitting*

That is so cool. :) Oh the woe that is Georgina and Seth.

Thats so awesome! And let me tell you...I could think of MANY different things to do with Seth! lol ;)

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