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Thrilling Thursday at Sweet's Contest Bar

Nicholas is our sexy bartender today. Touch him for a thrill x3!
Photographed by Yu Tsai

THREE by Brittany Spears

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Steamed by Katie MacAlister
2/12 Drop Dead Line - Comment as a subscriber to enter at Night Owl Reviews

My Bloody Valentine Contest
2/12 Final date to submit at Vamp Chix

2/11 Drop Dead Line - Comment+ to win at Literary Escapism

**TODAY*** Complete form to enter at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin' Giveaways!

Complete survey to win at TeleRead

2/28 Drop Dead Line

2/28 Drop Dead Line - Comment to all months to win at Quackers & Tease

2/14 Drop Dead Line - Comment daily to win at The Power of Passion

2/9 Drop Dead Line - Comment to win at Roxanne's Realm


Good Luck!


Wet tee shirt contest!! Woohooo... Hey, we need a whole panel for this... Humm... my mind is working on who I want up there, evil laughter!

Okay... did not know to scroll over picture.. but girl has to got to get out of the way... Oh I am sorry that is me, lol!!!!! I will move soon, hee hee!!!

You look like you are having fun in that sandwich girlfriend!

Mmmm, I love a hot guy with tats. Make him even hotter!!

That girl's gotta get out of the way in the second pic, she's blocking hottie #2! ;D

Hottie #2 is credited as "faceless model"... shall we name him?

OH yes, we must name him... how about - Cecile's! Haa haa!!!!!

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