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Samhellion Publishing is celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with Treats!!!!

Sneak on over to the Samhellion website to scare up some free ebook shorts all through October!

Treats revealed as of 10/19/09 include:
Treat by Karen Erickson
Soul's Choice by Kari Thomas
A Hallowed Warning by Nikki Duncan
Ginnir: Mystic Mayhem by Toni L. Meilleur
Little Red: A Halle Pumas/Poconos Wolves Story by Dana Marie Bell

HALLOWEEEEEN - It's Party Time!!!
October 24th - 7:30pm - Miranda & Tucker's House
Wanna help me plan? Wanna observe me plan? (You voyeur, you!)

Bonfire - Tucker
Donuts on Strings - Powdered & Plain, EZup, Witch hat lights
Bobbing for Apples - Towels, Tomato, In what?
Stake the Vampire & Pin the tail on the Werewolf - Twilight Posters, Foam Board, Stakes?
Guess the Guts - Soaked Raisins, Pumpkin strings, Soft Peaches, Dried Apples, Warm Oiled Ballon
Sugar Cookie Cutouts - Decorate your own!
Extra Costumes - Set up in Bathroom
Photo Corner?

Carve pumpkins & Toast Seeds
Decorate <-- clicky link
Prepare food

Hot Dog Mummies <-- clicky link - Kristine 6:30 arrival
Stromboli - Mummy Style? <-- clicky link
Orange Cheese Fountain <-- clicky link - What shall we dip in it?
Tortilla Chips, Purple & Orange - Taylor?
Crudites/Raw Veggies - Lisa?

Iron Fence Cupcakes <-- clicky link
Donuts & Cookies
Candy & Jello Molds?
Pumpkin Cookies - Jess

Punch - Could we put it in a watermelon brain? <-- clicky link
Vampire Wine
Cider mixed drinks


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