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Say "Hi" to the dingo shifters and get a little curious.

Shifting Perspectives
Book 1: Oliver and Angus
by Nerine Petros

As the only butcher in his outback town, Oliver knows the locals well. After all, most of them are shifters. When a new group moves into an abandoned ranch nearby, Oliver is more intrigued than worried, especially once the strangers place a standing order for a cow per week.

The town pack decides to live and let live, but Oliver wants to know more about these Waangoo newcomers. Why are there just five men? Why does the pack beta make Oliver's assistant so belligerent? And above all, why can't Oliver look away from the strangers' alpha, Angus?

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• The rainbow shot glasses put me off every time, but I know they are a Toquere Press thing.

• Australia

• Shifters

• M/M
• Virgin

• Fast at under 50 pages.
• First novel for Ms. Petros. Also, first in her dingo shifter series.
• Needs more backstory so I don't feel so lost. I kinda felt left out of the loop like they were talking behind my back.
• No Lube? Ouch.
• Character development is stereotype heavy. I couldn't decide if Angus was a big dumb ox or just strong and silent.
• Totally intrigued by Oliver's assistant...
• Nice touch with the definitions at the end of the story to help out the aboriginal language.

Read a sentence from page 56 HERE.

Read an short speechless excerpt at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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I agree with you. I was intrigured by the assistant too and yeah, ouch. LOL I'm hoping that as the series progresses there will be more background added but there were questions that I had that weren't addressed. Nice review.

Dingoes - now that's interesting.

I'm hoping the next book is a lot smoother - this felt really choppy to me.

Very interesting!!! Hugs to my sweet!

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