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Heaven Sent #6

by Jet Mykles

For years, Gretchen’s main objective has been taking care of the boys of Heaven Sent. When her boys decide to take a hiatus, she decides to do the same.

Before she can begin her summer off, Gretchen has one last public commitment. There, she meets tall, mysterious, and wickedly handsome Archer Thanos. Archer’s company has a video game based on Heaven Sent and he’s has been trying to get in touch with her to discuss it. Their first meeting quickly turns into a discussion of another type … in a nearby hotel room, sending Gretchen headlong into a whirlwind affair she hadn’t anticipated.

Only, someone isn’t exactly thrilled about Gretchen and Archer’s romance. Gretchen’s adorable new assistant, Owen, has been pining for his boss since he started working for her but he hasn’t had the courage to assert himself and tell her he wants her. As a result, Gretchen is completely blind to his feelings for her. And after meeting Archer, Owen knows he has no chance against the handsome devil. His own attraction to the older man is instant and overwhelming, the bisexual urges he hasn’t divulged to Gretchen fully awakening.

Owen thinks he’s not enough for Gretchen. Gretchen thinks Owen is far too young for her. Archer thinks they’re both ridiculous. He knows the three of them are just right for each other, if they can survive the revelations.
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by P.L. Nunn
  • Woman pictured looks a little too boy-ish
  • Beautifully depicted dynamic between the trio through body language

  • M/M
  • M/F
  • M/M/F

  • Gretchen's first encounter with Archer flows so smoothly. You would think the cliches would trip up the flow but it felt as smooth as you could wish for if you truely did let all your doubts and inhibitions go.

  • I hope the first encounter between Archer and Owen is simply a bit of alpha acting on Archer's part. Much too manipulative of both Owen and Gretchen's assumed future reactions... almost a God type complex. This plays into the ultimate drama at the crux of the story.

  • Would have enjoyed deeper development of the conflict and resolution.

  • Certainly would have enjoyed the backlash of the scene at Mom's house. Maybe a future short?

  • The Halloween party entices me to read the back stories, with the guys from Heaven Sent, and future stories where Owen makes it on his own. Wonder if this is in progress?

  • I have started at the end of the series with this book, and have gone back and started from the beginning!

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Sweet daydreams...


Love your thoughts on this one. I still have to start this series.
I'm just wondering why I never can see the whole cover, it sort of goes behind the block. I can only see the top. And then you say sth about it which makes me curious ;)

Yep, I can see it! Ah, now I can see what you mean with the body language :)

*sigh* Why did she end the series with m/f and m/m/f?!

I haven't read this one, but I love your thoughtful take on the body language.

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