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Wicked Wednesday at Sweet's Contest Bar

Devon is our sexy bartender today.
Photographed by Johann Marx

He's so sultry in the shadows. Entice him with your touch, I dare you.

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Shade Fright by Sean Cummings
3/23 Drop Dead Line - Comment+ to enter at Dark Faerie Tales

3/31 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at All I Want and More...

3/12 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Everyone Needs a Spare


Good Luck! ~ Miranda

Today's Sweet Currents (a.k.a. Reading Now, slideshow in the sidebar)

Switch by Megan Hart (audiobook)
Kept by Carolyn Faulkner (ebook)
The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton (paperback)
The Crimson Spell by Ayano Yamane (manga)


I have touched him.... see his nipple is hard... OH gosh... I need to stop drinking my coffee. I think someone spiked it!

Oh nommm nommm yummm......

I'm pretty sure he is admiring your handiwork and wondering why you aren't STILL touching him.

Well... you see... I would gently -with a feathers touch- push that shirt of his back from one shoulder... then the other. But I would not allow him to take it off. Instead it would bind his hands together behind him.... Then I could slowly start to work with those jeans of his that seem to be getting in my way.... but first I would have my finger tip and glide it allll over that mighty fine torso of his... up and down...

Oh my... I have a feeling Devon will have to become a regular bar tender with these kind of fantasies!

Are you kidding me... Helllll Yes....
I see some biting and nipping at those nipples he has... and those abs... are just begging to be tasted with maybe a dribble of some syrup.... and work my way down....

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