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My One
by January Rowe

Love knows no limits…

Briony considers herself easy to please. All she wants is a Dominant who’s wickedly creative and completely devoted to conquering her—and only her—with joy. She has everything she wants until her Dom takes on another girl. Bri delights in fantasy role play, inventive toys and bondage at Hell Mary’s BDSM club, but she doesn’t do poly.

Now she’s on the hunt for a new play partner who’ll give her exactly what she needs. A little flirtation with Hell Mary’s Dungeon Monitor is just the thing to ease her back into circulation—except the hardass wrapped in khaki treats her like she needs protection.

Behind his imperturbable DM mask, Chris has eyes only for Bri. It’s his job to make sure things don’t get out of control at the club. Despite her bravado, Bri’s broken heart is like a target painted on her back. She needs to learn some things on her own, but when a private scene goes too far, he can’t wait any longer to step in—and show her she doesn’t need fancy trappings.

His body is more than enough.

Warning: this title features kink and imaginative sex in a variety of forms—scalding hot, kinda lukewarm, and juuuust right. Reminders to breathe are clearly marked. Ignore them at your peril.
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by Scott Carpenter
  • Headless Man
  • Actually appears to be interacting with the woman instead of just two photos overlaid
  • Woman looking at the camera, pulls you in
  • Red wash a bit abrasive but after reading the story, it fits
  • Generic typography
  • Generic imagery... where's the sailboat or jewelry?

  • M/F/F
  • BDSM
  • M/F

  • The ex started out so perfect, I was startled at the abrupt change and long for further explanation.

  • Doc and Briony fall in love after two dates and I felt like I missed it.

  • Pain puppy not addressed, and seems to be a serious issue too.

  • This BDSM perspective feels different from previous fetish novels I have read. Not sure if that is because it is based on real life experiences or if it is the research showing through.

  • A lot of technical terms pop up that feel unnatural in an experienced submissive's thoughts.

  • Daydreams feel odd, out of place... perhaps too frequent, maybe the tone...

  • Enjoyed the light bantering both during the novice top proposition and doc's dates. Felt like Ms. Rowe was really getting into her groove there!

I picked up this title after reading an author interview over at I Do Not Want To Wait, I Want The Book Now.

Buy this novella from Samhain Publishing HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Oh now I do hate when I feel like I am missing a part of the relationship when reading. I mean I know that time has to lapse, but still... do give me the details I so desire. I love D/s books but do not give me language I do not understand yet... as I am a newbie in this area. Great review hon! Hope all is well!

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