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Tri Omega Mates
Series by Stormy Glenn ~ Click on the pics for linkage!

Secret Desires: Tri Omega Mates #1
How do you answer a handsome cowboy when he asks if you want to take a ride on his horse, especially when he guarantees that it will be a wild ride? For Leyland the answer is simple: Hell, yes! But what if his cowboy already has a lover?

Forbidden Desires: Tri Omega Mates #2
Gregory had been waiting for over six years for Ryland to grow up so that he can claim him. When he finally does claim him, Gregory learns that by doing so, he has endangered Ryland's life. Ryland is a Tri-Omega and needs two mates to keep him grounded and safe. And he hasn't found his other mate yet.

Hidden Desires: Tri Omega Mates #3
Thomas is driving across country when he discovers Micah, a human that smells like dark chocolate and summer rain. He knows immediately that Micah is his mate, but before he can claim him, he has to get his sexy little butt out of trouble.

Stolen Desires: Tri Omega Mates #4
Cary is a tri omega. Without two mates he will die, so he’s excited when he finds his mates, Ryce and Saul. But what happens when Saul refuses to claim him? Could Saul really be as cold hearted as he seems or is he hiding a dark secret?

Cover Art: Inconsistent font usage & graphic elements

Paranormality: Werewolves & magic

Sexuality: M/M/M, Graphic but not vulgar

Personalities within the central 3 person relationship are consistent throughout the series. Example, the tri omegas always giggle. I thought this would be a negative aspect and make me feel like the stories were cookie-cutterish, but the personality similarities throughout the mating couples are explained with supporting werewolf lore.

I enjoyed this series for it's attention to emotional interaction within a 3 person relationship. The dynamics were believable. Family, acceptance, loyalty are all strong themes throughout. I found myself anticipating the next move and sometimes not getting it right!

I did get slightly lost in Forbidden Desires, but I also did not follow the reading order.

Oh, and the sex - simply hot. Emotionally and physically enticing. The creativity of positions and attention to real life details paints a mental picture fit to steam your computer screen!

If you want to read a little more from Stormy Glen's werewolf world, pick up Menage Amour 86 Tasty Treats Anthology featuring Man to Man: Donovan and James are mates. The problem? Donovan isn't gay and James is in the closet, but they can't keep their hands off each other.


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