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Come a little closer and see who is around the corner...

"I'm a simple girl."
A chipper young woman states with an innocent smile. Her husband snorts and smirks in the background in response to her claim. *snirk*

There is a sharp edge to her fleeting sideways glance in his direction, yet the innocent smile remains in place. The warm croon of her voice betrays her humor when her eyes return to you.

"We live in a little cottage in the woods."

She pauses, for dramatic effect perhaps.

"And some say our woods are are haunted..."
Her voice subtly deepens as her words trail off and invites you to wonder. Does she mean lil' green men, fairies, werewolves? Your mind wanders as the solitude of the woods seeps into your consciousness.

*snap* Your focus returns to your hosts with the scent of mint gum in the air and a sparkle bright in her slate blue eyes. She speaks in lilting tones, as if reciting a well loved poem.

"We have beautiful snow flocked winters,"
As her narration continues the tall, dark, and handsome man at her side slouches his stance and rolls his eyes as a groan only half escapes his lips.
"And warm colorful summers!"

With a grin she leans over to lay a comfortable hand on his arm. Your eyes catch hers and she entices you with a wink,
"Close your eyes..."
Her lids flutter lower and her gaze turns softly mischievous under darkened lashes while suggestively caressing the arm of her lover.

Watching her fingers slide and flirt along his dark tanned skin, you find your lids drifting shut. She whispers,
"Do you feel the magic, the earth and her song? Are you here with me, in my fantasy world?"

The obnoxious noise jolts you alert. The husband again. He doesn't seem to speak much. Dragon and fire flies dance to claim your attention as twilight descends. A glance back towards the couple reveals huge grins spread across both their faces. Sparkling eyes complement their smiles.

You smile too.

She recognizes acceptance in your grin and with a small wave of her hand she speaks in lighthearted friendly tones,
"My blogging is a call in the wild to find other like minds to share with. Is that you? Do you have the magic inside too?!"


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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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